The Benefits of your Dog to your Health

As pets, dogs have grown in stature to become more like friends and playmates. You will find most dogs to be receptive and friendly. Incidentally, they can also be used to keep their owners healthy and fit. If you recently acquired a dog for a pet, you will soon discover the benefits of the ways in which your new pet can help enhance your health status.

Those who own dogs stand a greater chance of getting out of their houses to walk them, as compared to those who do not. This is irrespective of the breed of dog they own. Your The dog will always give you a reason to exercise. Dog owners walk for two more times per week than those who do not own dogs. The type of walk involved does not have to be brisk. Even gentle walking has been seen to produce favorable results. The walks can be either once or twice a day.

Dogs have a pleasant effect on their owner’s moods. You cannot play with a puppy and still feel depressed . A little time spent petting a puppy releases positive mood inducing hormones such as serotonin, prolactin, and oxytocin.

When you stay with your puppy through its growth until maturity, you will naturally become close friends, which will help you cope with stress in your life. You will always feel better when you care about something besides yourself. The ways to do this are through activities like washing the dog, feeding it, and giving it treats like those from Betsy Farms.

Keeping the company of a pet has been known to lower blood pressure. This is achieved through the stroking and feeling the touch of your dog. This is enhanced by their presence and companionship.

There was a study that was done which had a group of children in it. What they researchers were looking for was how dogs affect the immune systems of human beings. Those that spent the most time around dogs were less prone to diseases as compared to those that didn’t. The study further revealed that the dogs brought a lot of bacteria into the house, which was dispersed every time the house was vacuumed. This makes the children’s immune systems more active, thus affording them better fighting chances against diseases. While no one wishes to expose kids to germs, this method actually worked in their favor.

Dogs have more ways in which they can influence our lives. Dogs have been seen to have an ability to detect changes in a person’s body. They, for example, can tell when blood sugar drops below normal levels. Diabetes patients can rejoice from this discovery. Dogs can no longer be viewed as mere pets. They aid us a lot, and are practically family.

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