Smart boiler or central heating controls have come about as a result of recent advancements in technology and allow you to have the optimum control over your heating. The power is placed firmly in your hands thanks to a smart thermostat which can be accessed from wherever you happen to be.

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Smart boiler control enables you to work your smart thermostat from your Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices. This means that you can remotely control the temperature at your home or office using your smartphone or tablet. Desktop computers can also be used to give you on-the-go control of your central heating system.

Advanced technology

Just as you will want your boiler servicing in Gloucester or wherever you live in the country to fit in with your lifestyle, you probably demand more intuition and compatibility from your heating systems than ever before.

Thankfully, the technology used and serviced by the likes of can learn about your daily routine to offer you the very best in tailor-made heating solutions. This means that it can automatically switch your hot water and heating on and off, making sure that you never have to return to a cold house or flat or start your day in a freezing office ever again.

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On-the-go control

Allowing you to remotely control your hot water and heating from wherever you are using your computer, mobile or tablet offers the ultimate in flexibility, and the technology is constantly advancing to incorporate an ever-growing array of products. There is even the technology out there to create app-controlled heated clothing to keep you warm this winter. Read more about this at

Understanding automation and optimisation

Automation and optimisation are the keys to smart heating technology. Automation allows your devices to control your heating in response to programming or occupancy detection, for example.

In contrast, optimisation is the way the device works out how long it takes to get your home up to temperature and minimises the work needed to achieve the desired results, without using unnecessary fuel.

Good smart heating systems and those using the latest in smart technology will make use of both automation and optimisation to offer you a service that offers unrivalled levels of comfort for the minimum amount of financial outlay. This means that remote control heating could warm up your home and your bank manager’s heart!