Someone at your door? Can’t tell if it is the nosey neighbor or the pizza delivery?  Why are you having to relying on your out of focus, distorted image of your peephole? Not knowing who you are opening the door to, could be putting you, and your family are risk. We have computers small enough to fit in our front pocket, it is time that we no longer rely on distorted, out of focus peepholes. Digital peepholes are increasingly gaining in popularity, and for good reason. Digital peepholes provide a whole new perspective of who is at the door. Thanks, to digital peepholes you can now be certain of who is at your door, eliminating the threat of accidently answering the door to something or someone dangerous. Traditional peepholes work well enough, why do we need a digital peephole? Well, think of it this way. The most basic home security, is the front door. The front door is the primary entry point of your home. Although peepholes may not have changed in many years, they currently have just changed. Upgrade your most basic home security, with a digital peephole. Forget the days of hardly being able to decipher your nosey neighbors from the pizza delivery guy. A digital peephole has a panel to display who is at your door in a big bright clear image. If you aren’t always confident about who you are opening up your home to, or who you are subjecting your family to. Consider upgrading your basic homes security needs, with a digital peephole. Getting a digital peephole, is a major upgrade. A digital peephole is basically like a visual doorbell, it is easy to install, and has an easy user-friendly interface. A digital peephole isn’t complicated to use, with one button you can see who is at your door on a bright panel. To ensure your family’s safety and protection, invest in one of the most affordable ways to provide basic home security, by getting a digital peephole. For more info you can visit: