It can be a big dilemma, whether to repair or change your air-conditioner or not? After all, few want to spend their money unwisely and the cost of replacement can be high. Nevertheless, living without can be hell. If your air-con is broken or keeps breaking down how do you know what is the best thing to do? This can be especially significant in the long term. Here are some main points you might want to consider.

How Old is too Old?

As they say, there is such thing as a flogging a dead horse! The general rule of thumb is, if your air-con is more than ten years chance are it will be more cost-effective to replace it. This is because repairing that unit will normally cost more than fifty percent of its value. However, if you are mechanically minded and capable of carrying out the repairs, there are online Aircon spare suppliers that can make replacing older units economically viable simply because they are selling at seriously discounted prices, compared to the high street.

A Waste of Energy?

Newer systems use between twenty and fifty percent less energy which can mean big savings on energy bills. The European Ecolabel indicates the unit has been tested independently and has passed various eco-criteria (not just consumption). The Energy Saving Trust label is reserved for the top-twenty most efficient units available in its class. The EU Energy label (with the coloured bars) is on all household Air-con units sold today in Europe. The greener the bar the more efficient it is. However, generally the greener they are the more expensive they are. When you are working out how much the repair costs are on your existing unit compared to buying a new one, this should be considered.

Peace of Mind or Just a Piece?

If your guarantee has expired repairs are down to you. Some companies offer extended warranties for a price but if yours has run out, or the price of paying that warranty high, it might be time to buy a new unit. Repairing can seem economical but those repairs do not come with a guarantee – A guarantee brings peace of mind. Nevertheless, if your unit just needs a small repair job buying a new one would probably not be the best economy.

Maintaining the Balance

It could be that your existing Air-con only needs some basic maintenance to breathe new life into it. Buy a few spares and parts and it will all be running smoothly again. Even if you are quite handy with regards to maintenance it might be worth asking a technician. Some online Air-con spare companies have people to chat to and get advice immediately.

Uneven temperatures, repeated breakdowns and noise can seriously affect your comfort zones. Whether repair or replacement is the answer depends on balancing all these factors; initial cost, long-term costs and your personal comfort zone – Ultimately this will dictate whether repair or replacement is the right choice for you.