Instead of painting the walls in your home or using wallpaper over and over again, consider using ceramic tiles. These tiles are easy to apply if you have the right materials, and you can get almost any color and design that you want for any room of the home. You can also create patterns on the wall that you might not be able to achieve with paint or wallpaper.

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One of the decorative ceramic wall tile designs that you can create features a mosaic pattern. Alternate two or three different colors so that the tiles look like a wave on the wall instead of just rows and columns of colors. Another option is to use tiles that look like marble. You can arrange the tiles so that it appears as though the swirls and waves look like a marble counter instead of an ordinary tile. If you don’t want to use tile only on the walls, then make the focus on the floor. Use neutral colors on the floor with colored tiles on the walls. Try to blend the appliances and decorations with the tiles that are placed on the walls so that there is a natural flow in the room. This is often easier to do in a smaller room in the home, such as the bathroom.


Use decorative tiles to create fun designs instead of those that are only elegant or dramatic. Use bright colors on doors or on the walls, especially in bedrooms and bathrooms. Brighter colors and unique designs work well in rooms that are smaller and don’t have a lot of natural light, making the room seem larger. If you want to create depth in the room, then use tiles that are different sizes, arranging them so that they all fit together like a puzzle. An idea would be to position tiles on the shower wall in colors of blue and green to look like waves in the ocean.