One type of floor that has a very artistic look and natural and likeable people are wooden parquet. For those who like the natural impression, this type of floor is very suitable to wear. It’s just behind the attractive appearance, this type of floor is required to get a rather difficult treatment compared to other types of floor e.g. ¬†granite floor. Especially when there is fragility.

The damage is generally caused by the fluid that seeps, there is a pointy object that causes friction or scratches, a shift in the soil surface, or decrease or increase in temperature resulting in plaster at the base expands and contracts. Can also have the existing there was an error during installation.

Although the reasons for the damage are different but fixing the fragile wood parquet does not need to replace the entire wood cladding, but just a blistered part. The technique there are three models that is by using nails as well as adhesive materials, mouth tongue method or click method.

Systems that use nails and adhesives can also be done by applying glue and then tied with nails. While the method of click or tongue mouth using the system of mutual lock. Tongue click or tongue system is widely used in wood parquet which is the reason for the blister caused by shrinkage or expansion.

When using the tongue type of mouth or click, the first thing to make is to open the part that has been scuffed first. The method can use a drill machine perforated around the already fragile floor. Furthermore, this fragile part can be removed using a hoe and hammer. Working time is required slowly so that other floors around do not come apart and become damaged.

Furthermore, if any blister parquet has been removed, clean the remaining adhesive material at the bottom. In order to be done quickly, wear a crane or a socket of iron. When it is very clean or absolutely no bit of sticky adhesive material, the next task is to update with new wooden parquet.