It is inevitable that there will be wear and tear in your home over time, no matter how careful you are; however, there are some things you can do to prolong the life or your décor, especially in high traffic areas. These start when you are planning the look and feel of your home.

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Consider where the busy places will be – hallways, stairs etc – and pay them special attention. You will obviously want to show off your home and these are the areas guests are most likely to see. They are also the areas that can look shabby first.

Your hallway

Due to its location, everyone coming in or out of your home will travel through the entrance hall. Laminate flooring is a great option, as it not only fits the bill of being low maintenance but is also hardwearing.

Specialist retailers such as have a great range of colours and styles from which to choose.

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If you have stairs in your home, everyone will be up and down them several times a day, making them a high-traffic area. Wooden stairs won’t develop thin patches like carpet; however, they can be slippery, which some find too risky for stairs.

Living room

A rug on top of laminate is a great option for a living room to give you the best of both worlds. Low pile is easier to clean, and it goes without saying that plain, light colours will show dirt and damage sooner. One Kings Lane has some great tips on choosing the right rug for your high traffic areas.


The kitchen is one of the riskiest parts of the house due to the higher incidence of drips and spills. Laminate works well both on the floor and on worktops, as it is easy to wipe and hardwearing. If you want to add a rug, make sure it is non-slip. Use pot stands on worktops to avoid putting hot pans directly onto the surface.


Humidity and wide-ranging temperatures make the bathroom trickier than most other places in the home. Tiles and vinyl are perfect options; in addition, there are specially-designed laminates that can cope with the demands of a bathroom.

Careful planning from the outset will go a long way towards protecting your high-traffic areas and prolonging their life.