While most homeowners dream of complete kitchen remodeling, not every budget can absorb the costs. That does not mean; however, that all changes are completely out of reach. Many companies that specialize in kitchen renovation offer promotions that include kitchen remodeling packages at three different price points. A basic remodel will include decent products, durable materials, and experienced installations.

Middle and Top Tiers

The middle price point will provide money savings but will include a few more features, a higher-quality choice of appliances, and a wider selection of finishes and accessories. This version is typically referred to as a deluxe package. The luxury option will include top-of-the-line products, several finishing touches, and custom-made cabinets. The benefits of kitchen remodeling with a package is that customers save money, time, and frustration. Choosing among certain elements is much easier than pricing items and materials individually and trying to make them fit the budget.

Consider a Makeover

A kitchen makeover will look stunning without the need to replace appliances, flooring, or cabinets. A new color scheme for the walls can turn a small kitchen into a brighter and bigger looking one. Lighter colors of paint, new lighting fixtures, and different decor will present like a kitchen remodeling project but take less time and investment. Painting, re-surfacing the quartz countertops, and switching out cabinet doors make the kitchen appear as if it went through a remodeling project from top to bottom. No one visiting will be able to tell the changes were minor ones.

Get Creative

Being creative and innovative with paint and decor will add personality, fun, and charm to the kitchen. Have a mural painted on one of the walls. Make your own pattern for a border or use a doily as a stencil to re-paint the canister set by the refrigerator. Find an old-fashioned free-standing bin for storing onions, potatoes, and beets to go at the end of the counter. Add a custom printed cling cover to the dishwasher for decoration.

Upgrade One or Two Features

Selecting one or two components for a kitchen upgrade will also create the appearance of a remodeling project. Get rid of that huge dining room table against that short wall and have an island installed instead. Placing that in the middle of the kitchen will open the space and provide a new focal point. Take down the chandelier and have mini pendant lights in different colors over the island.

If the cabinets are wide, dark, and bulky looking, opt for lighter ones with glass panels in the doors. Mix and match styles and sizes so that some are narrow, some have slide out shelve, and some are long and wide for storing pots and pans. Have hooks installed on a frame suspended from the ceiling to hang coffee mugs, soup bowls, and glasses with handles. Take part of the counter out and replace the space with recycling containers on a rack.

Purchase Bright Floor Mats and Accessories

Instead of tearing up the flooring and laying a new one, put non-slip and vibrant floor mats by the sink, under the island seating, next to the back door, and under the trash bin. Invest in a fun clock that is as quirky as you are. Get a teapot with a face painted on it, or a toaster with racing stripes. Go online and search for the type of items that will never be found at the local department or home improvement store. Learn more at Silver Marble & Granite. Make people look twice at the knife block, try to figure out how those books painted along the baseboards look so real, and whether they are looking out a window or a decal placed on the wall.

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