Various Types of Coating Paints

Various paint available in the market have specific reasons why they are manufactured. A liquid substance that is used on the surfaces of different objects to form a protective layer is referred to as paints. Paints increase the beauty of the material of the object to which they are applied. Paints can be used on almost all the surfaces in various ways. One can use different methods in application of paints to the surface. The paints available on the market are a product of three ingredients that have been mixed together. We have the pigment which assists in bringing out the color of the paint. The Liquid part of color is made up of the binder and the manufacturing liquid.

Intensity of the color is brought about by the pigment in the paint. Colour pigments absorb the ultraviolet radiation from the sun hence protecting the paints. Whitewash is probably the simplest kind of paint applies on both rough and smooth grounds. White wash paint have no bidder and hence doesn’t form a protective layer on the surface. Forming of a film or the protective layer is enabled by the binder. Its work is to holds the pigment together and helps the paint in sticking to the surface. The solid particles of the binder are broken in the process of paint manufacturing and remains suspended in the liquid.

Excellent colors have some unique but essential features. Good paint is supposed to stick firmly to the surface where they are applied. When one is looking from far they should admire the evenness of the paint applied. Harsh environmental conditions should not easily affect the coating formed by good coats. Its hard to find one color that can serve all the painting services. Painting is done using different paints that are applied to various places for a purpose.

Primers and sealers are colors normally used on new and exposed woodwork. They can also be used on metal and plaster of the wall. Such paints are very useful in offering a good protective layer to then the surfaces. On places where there were old painting it should be used to paint again. Where primers and sealers are used the surfaces not easily affected by chemicals.

Undercoats are applied to a surface before applying other paints. Normally the undercoat is used immediately after a primer when building up a painting system. They are also used where one desire in changing the color of the surface permanently. Dark surfaces can be changed from one color to another by the used of an undercoat. Some colors are very bright and sticky and hence applied as the top layer. Topcoats are the ones that define the aesthetics of a building. Beautiful colors and durable coats should be chosen for topcoats.