Not everyone has their own home and can decorate at will. If you are one of them and actually really want to decorate a rented house, this is are the tips.

As quoted from elevated pool deck, there are several ways you can do to decorate a rented house:


1. Glass

Glass is the best solution if you want to make the room look more spacious. Not only that, the glass also includes objects that are quite affordable to buy as one of the materials to decorate the house.

The glass is easily hung and released without you having to damage the walls of the house. Now this form of glass is also diverse so you can choose according to the theme.


2. Avoid Placing Small Frames Too Much

To create a broad impression, in addition to glass, you can also use paintings or photos with a large frame. Avoid placing small frames in sufficient quantities on the wall. Walls that are not broad, of course will seem narrow even though the object you put small.


3. Create a Lighter Room

Paint the walls of the rented house room with bright colors. If you want to wear curtains, try a translucent so that the sun can enter and create a bright room. Bright colors can make the house more spacious and relaxed. Your photograph or painting on the wall will look more attractive with a bright room.


4. Decorative Stickers

If painting the room is not allowed by the owner of the house you rent, there are still other options for decorating the dwelling. You can use decorative stickers that are sold to shops or home appliances supermarket. These stickers vary in shape, you can customize it according to the theme of the room.

these are tips and trick hopefully helpful and can help you to decor your Home.