What is a smart boiler control?


Smart boiler or central heating controls have come about as a result of recent advancements in technology and allow you to have the optimum control over your heating. The power is placed firmly in your hands thanks to a smart thermostat which can be accessed from wherever you happen to be.

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Smart boiler control enables you to work your smart thermostat from your Wi-Fi-enabled mobile devices. This means that you can remotely control the temperature at your home or office using your smartphone or tablet. Desktop computers can also be used to give you on-the-go control of your central heating system.

Advanced technology

Just as you will want your boiler servicing in Gloucester or wherever you live in the country to fit in with your lifestyle, you probably demand more intuition and compatibility from your heating systems than ever before.

Thankfully, the technology used and serviced by the …

Eco-friendly Options for Your Roofing Project


Many homeowners strive to make the inside of their homes as eco-friendly as possible but overlook their roof. If you have to replace your roof, and we all have to from time to time, you might as well replace it with an eco-friendly product.

Thankfully there are a plethora of viable options on the market today. Options that are not only good for the environment but durable and long lasting as well. Today we’ll discuss a few options to help you make a more informed decision.

Cool Roof

Traditionally most roofs were built with dark colored shingles that absorb light. A cool roof is a roof that reflects light instead of absorbing it keeping the temperature inside and outside of your home cooler. Choose shingles or metal roofing in light reflective colors, this will allow you to be less reliant on air conditioning. Keeping the temperature down on your roof …

3DSHEDPLANS: How to build a shed using premium shed plans?


It is not surprising that anyone building a shed for the first time will have many questions on how to complete the project successfully. When it comes to putting together a backyard shed different strategies work best for different people.

Outlined below are a few tips in the areas of planning, purchasing, foundations, framing and finishing that if considered carefully can help make the shed building process run smoothly.


What should come to mind first and foremost for anyone is planning. Get together a sound set of shed plans, a list of tools, an estimate of how much material is going to be required, and anything else that might be necessary before diving in. Having a good plan is the first step in doing anything the right way. This will also prevent the need to run out and buy something that was forgotten or the need to make adjustments …