3 Types of Whiskey Glasses

If you love drinking whiskey, then it is important that you know the different types of whisky glasses. You will be surprised just how many whiskey glasses are available today. Whiskey glasses can really be personalized if you want. Because whiskey glasses come in different types and have different uses, it is important that you get a whiskey glass that really matches you; like we said, a personalized whiskey glass. In this article, you will learn about the top 3 different types of whiskey glasses. These are the 3 types.

Whiskey glass number one is called the tumbler. The tumbler is actually the glass that most whiskey drinkers use and associate whiskey with. Tumblers are very short with wide bowls. Because of its shortness, it can really fit perfectly into your hand. If you are controlling your whiskey intake, then the tumbler is also great because, again, of its smallness. Not only that, but the wideness of the tumbler can allow ice to be placed. So this is the first whiskey glass that you can use for a personalized whiskey glass.

Another really common whiskey glass is the snifter. A lot of people actually say that snifters are brandy glasses and not whiskey glasses. This is actually not the whole truth. We say this is not the truth because snifters are very much used for whiskey as it is for brandy. The purpose of the snifter is to allow you to taste many kinds of whiskey. It is called the snifter because this glass was created in a way that can really make it easy to sniff the whiskey and get its aroma. You should get snifters as your personalized whiskey glass if you want to taste and smell different whiskeys.

Finally, you will learn about the whiskey glass glencairn. The glencairn is actually a mixture and combination of the tumbler and the snifter. Again, if you want to know the shape of the glencairn; then it is like a short, tulip. The purpose for this glass is to make the drinker see all the nuances even before drinking the whiskey. The color, the texture, the smell can all be predicted by the drinker because of this great glass. This glencairn whiskey glass will help you expect what to make of your drink before you even sip it. So this is another really common whiskey glass that you can get for your personalized whiskey glass.

There are more whiskey glasses out there; but the three we mentioned are definitely the most common ones. If you want to get the perfect whiskey glass for yourself, then you first have to know what kind of a whiskey drinker you are.