You might think that windows are as simple as a piece of glass with a wooden or PVC frame, but they can come in a wide range of designs. Trying to find the one that best suits your taste may be difficult. Here is a guide of some of the most popular styles to help make your choice easier.

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Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and bow windows use a hexagonal frame or curved shape respectively to add space and light to your room. They look particularly good in Victorian properties.

Casement Windows

Casement windows fit to the window frame with hinges. These can be at the side or the top, allowing the window to open different ways. For instance, a narrower window with a top hinge can allow fresh air in whilst keeping weather out of the room.

Cottage Windows

Cottage windows are, as you may expect, the type you are most likely to see in a cottage. Rather than one large pane of glass, they tend to have several small panes. Both sash and casement windows can also be cottage windows.

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Fully Reversible Windows

Fully reversible windows can be fully rotated. This means you can access every side when you want to clean them.

Picture Windows

Picture windows do not open. They come with a fixed frame that allows a good view of outside with minimal maintenance. The obvious weakness is lack of ventilation.

Sash Windows

Sash windows come in two overlapping parts, one above the other, that may or may not be the same size. They slide open and shut. Sash windows are popular in period properties but can be modernised to make them more energy-efficient. Many retailers, such as, pride themselves on their energy-efficiency for windows Tewkesbury.


Skylights cannot be opened but sit in the roof to allow in light. Roof windows are like larger skylights. They fit to the same orientation as the roof and allow light and air into a loft. They can be hard to maintain because of their location, which is both hard to reach and exposed to the weather.

Tilt and Turn Windows

Tilt and turn windows open inwards and are a simple, secure form of window. They can, however, limit the space in your room and when open may allow rainwater inside.