Learning the Science and Art of a Great Web Design

With the advent of modern and advanced technology we have today, a well-designed website is crucial to every business or eCommerce, and any website use. A well-designed website has a good combination of various elements such as having a balanced color scheme, catching theme, clear and easy-to-read font and engaging, interactive, and informative web contents.

A well-designed website is following a pleasing and effective color scheme that goes along with your logo as well as your web content images. Basing on the color theory, color schemes come in three types including analogous colors, complementary colors, and monochromatic colors. Analogous colors are often found in our environment or nature, which are adjacent colors, and they are very pleasing to the eyes such as green paired with yellow and yellow-green. You can pair complementary colors like red and green, blue and orange, and purple and yellow to draw the attention of your target audience, creating a bold contrast so it is best to use complementary colors for a CTA or call to action. Using monochromatic colors are relatively easy and safe choice using different values of a single color. In order to help you in achieving your web design goals, you need a professional web designer who has the eyes to carefully combine the right colors to achieve balance, and surely you’ll find a good web designer in Port Harcourt, Abuja, and Lagos.

In terms of website layout, your homepage should be unique, appealing, and eye-catching than your interior pages. A well-designed theme must be clear, obvious, focused, and consistent. There are two types of lettering including san serif and serif. Sans-serif fonts don’t use strokes on their ends, whereas serif fonts emphasize additional strokes on the fonts’ ends. A well-designed website uses sans-serif fonts because they have a clean look and readable form even in smaller sizes. It is best to use fonts that relates to your overall website theme, consistent and legible, and not distracting. A good web design is easy to navigate, and it can be used by online users with varying levels of knowledge and expertise. By keeping usability in mind, you promote positive customer experience and customer loyalty.

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Why No One Talks About Services Anymore

Why No One Talks About Services Anymore