When it comes to re-inventing your home design there are many factors that you can add to give your room that extra kick and added character.

From custom designed wallpaper to stunning mantlepieces all the way to furniture and unique ornamental features. All of these factors can be changed and experimented with to help create your dream room design, whilst removing the need to compromise.

One area which offers you near limitless opportunities is the world of home flooring. This is thanks to the sheer number of options that are available, with a wide range of flooring styles that can suit all tastes.

That being said, choosing a home floor is no easy task, especially given the expense of flooring and its semi permeant nature in your home design.

With that being said let’s take a look at the most popular flooring options for the home and offer insight into the limitless possibilities of home flooring.

Natural Hardwood Flooring

So, let’s begin with hardwood flooring. An interior design staple for generations, hardwood flooring is the only way to deliver the full character and imitable charm of wood flooring into your home design. With limitless options including oak, walnut, pine, acacia and much more, depending on your budget.

However, this is the big concern with natural hardwood flooring – the price is very much a sticking point, especially for more exotic woods. Along with this wood floors expand and contract meaning they somewhat restrictive in where they can be installed.

Laminate Flooring

Yet for those with such concerns as the ones mentioned above there is an alternative, Laminate Flooring. Laminate is designed to replicate charm and charisma of a natural wood floor, yet without the expense of its counterpart. It achieves this with a 4-layer construction, comprising of a stabilising bottom layer, a high-density core, a photographic image layer and finally a transparent wear layer.

It is the photographic image layer which gives laminate its incredible versatility, as this allows for a wide variety of wood effects and even stone tile effects – with many of these designs being out of reach or unsuitable for your home/budget in their original forms.

Vinyl Flooring

Aside from laminate another great option to go for in vinyl flooring. Vinyl flooring offers all of the advantages that laminate does, with its expansive range of styles designs replicating everything from oak floors to mosaic floor tile designs. This is all wrapped up in an easy to clean, quiet, low maintenance and stain resistant design, making it easier to live with on a day to day basis.

Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered is similar to its laminate and vinyl counterparts, as it replicates the effect of a natural hardwood floor, using 3 layers of timber glued together then finished with a top lamella layer of solid wood.

The difference is the lamella layer is natural wood, giving it a number of bonus, such as the ability to sand away indents and the ability to refinish the floor over time. In addition to this engineered wood does not expand or contract in the same way as solid wood floors, allowing it to be used in environments where natural wood flooring would risk damage.


Finally, we have carpet. This proven home flooring option offers a number of benefits to a room, such as limitless design possibilities with thousands of colours and pattern designs available.

Along with this carpet is one of the more comfortable home flooring options and is easier to maintain and live with on a daily basis.

The only drawback to carpeting is that it is generally limited to the living room, bedroom or study.