Ways In Which One Can Protect Livestock From Predators

For the people who live in the farms, they tend to keep animals. It will be important to consider a case where they are able to rear domestic livestock like the cattle, sheep and even goats. Predators tend to attack these animals hence endangering them. You will easily find livestock being attacked by this animals from where they are. These predators know how to approach the livestock from the area that they are kept and harm them. Coyotes, foxes and even dogs are the most likely kind of animals that you will be able to find in many areas. For a farmer who tends livestock, here are a number of tips you may use when it comes to minimizing the opportunity for a predator to attack your farm.

The first thing you ought to do is to know which predator you are dealing with. Consider this to be a rule that mostly applies in the jungle where knowing your enemy is a key thing. When you live in the rural area, you will mostly find that the coyotes, foxes and even the bears tend to be the most common attackers found. Dogs are the common predators in the urban areas. When you look at these predators, they are bound to attack when they are looking for food for either themselves or even the young ones. When you know what you are dealing with then you will be able to know how to prevent them.

The next important step is to ensure that your livestock live in a well secured area. Consider a case where something as small as a wire mesh will be able to offer the right security to the animals here. If you have the finances then consider using an electric fence which is best suited for this. In doing this you have to ensure that the fence is done in a way that it is high enough to prevent the animals from jumping in and low enough to prevent them from digging in.

Consider a case where the animals will also be used to give protection to the livestock as well. Well trained guard dogs have always been known to give sufficient protection to the other animals. The guard dogs work in pairs in that they communicate with other when they sense any danger coming to them. This is a measure which is necessary when it comes to keeping the animals safe in that case.

The thing that scares these predators is mostly light and even sound. These animals are made to survive in the wild where they only get natural light and minimal sounds from other animals. The best way to use the light strategy is to ensure you put up lights all over the livestock area and also you may consider adding colored flags which will scare them away.