It is not surprising that anyone building a shed for the first time will have many questions on how to complete the project successfully. When it comes to putting together a backyard shed different strategies work best for different people.

Outlined below are a few tips in the areas of planning, purchasing, foundations, framing and finishing that if considered carefully can help make the shed building process run smoothly.


What should come to mind first and foremost for anyone is planning. Get together a sound set of shed plans, a list of tools, an estimate of how much material is going to be required, and anything else that might be necessary before diving in. Having a good plan is the first step in doing anything the right way. This will also prevent the need to run out and buy something that was forgotten or the need to make adjustments to the design because of an unforeseen problem. So first and foremost think and plan carefully, only then go on to the purchasing.

Shed Plan & Material Purchasing

The next step is to purchase the materials and tools required for the job. Having a good plan is very important. You never want to run short of materials for a particular part of the job and have to go back out and purchase more items. When you purchase for the first time take your building plans with you, and talk to someone where you purchase your stock to see if they notice anything that you are not seeing. It never hurts to have a second opinion from someone who sees a lot of people come and go with different plans and ideas.

Right materials

In choosing for the right materials, follow the list of materials that is suggested on your shed plans. It is important that you purchase everything that is needed before starting to build so you don’t have to waste time. Also, choose a supplier with good reputation so you don’t have to worry about the quality of the materials. If you option to use wood make sure to use a treated wood to avoid early decay. Seek advice if necessary.


Right location

Lastly, choose a right location that would fit on the size of your structure. A higher location is better so you don’t have to worry about stagnant water around the area when it rains. Clear all debris, rocks, grasses and other clutter in the area and level it. You may have to dig if necessary, or fill up the area with soil to create a level and higher ground for the structure. Don’t forget to consult from your local area for any building rules and regulation to make sure that you don’t break any building code. Check here for basic steps to take before you even start.


Once you have done your planning and purchasing, it is time to lay the foundation for your shed. A good sturdy foundation is the base of any good building. If the foundation isn’t going to last, then the building isn’t either. It doesn’t matter how well constructed the shed itself is, if the foundation falls apart then the shed will fall apart with it. So do your homework here and build a foundation according to your means and particular construction.


Once you are sure that you have a good foundation upon which to build a shed, you will want to frame in the building. For this you will need to know what building codes are regarding sheds in your area. Some areas have the same building codes for all buildings whereas others require higher standards for businesses and residences. The building codes regulate how far apart studs have to be and how certain types of buildings have to be framed. In order to save time and hassle researching the building codes should be a part of the planning process.

How Much Stuff Do you Want to Store?

How big does the shed need to be? Do you need to keep a lawnmower and the kids’ bikes or garden tools in it? Make sure you get a slightly bigger shed than you think you need, because you will most likely end up putting more than you thought in it.

Prepare the ground

Make sure that you have a foundation if you want your yard shed to last any time at all. This can be a concrete base or simply a shallow trench with timbers. Remember that if you have a permanent foundation, you will probably need a building permit. A good set of yard shed plans will make this process very easy indeed.


Finishing is the part of the process where the interior and exterior of the walls are completed. There are a number of different materials that can be used for this process. In a number of places the weather patterns will determine what the best products are for the exterior walls of a building, and the activities that will occur inside the shed or the items that will be stored in it will determine the materials that will be used for the interior walls.

Building a sound shed is a process much like anything else in life. The best sheds start with the best plans. There is always room for improvement, but keep in mind that there are codes and regulations for all types of buildings That’s it, its finish! Relax and admire your completed 8×10 gable shed plan. Who would have known that you can build a shed, so gorgeous and sturdy, something even a professional builder could have been proud of.